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Robert S. Sadler – Guest Blog & Giveaway

Today I have Urban Fantasy author, Robert S. Sadler, joining us at SVR to celebrate the release of his novel, Secrets Of Blood & Bone, the first in The Q Trilogy! He’s taking over, guest blogging with a giveaway, so be sure to read all the way through to the end and lets give him a warm welcome. :)


So let me start off by thanking Judi for being an absolutely awesome person and fabulous reviewer. I don’t just say this because she liked my book, breaking into the literary world is extremely difficult and Sidhe Vicious Reviews is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise very cynical industry. So again, thank you!

As silly as it may sound I wrote Secrets of Blood & Bone for people who don’t really like to read. I tried to keep it simple yet exciting, constantly moving but always going somewhere. I wanted to give it a sense of intrigue without being impossible to figure out, and most importantly I wanted to write within the genre without copying someone else’s world. An action packed thrill ride full of original characters with real problems and emotions. Mix all that up with a heaping spoon full of violence and a healthy serving of sex and you have the exact recipe for the kind of book I always wanted to read.

While I have incorporated many of the creatures we have all grown to love reading about over the years, I have put my own twist on many of their origins. Vampires and shape shifters of all kinds were originally created out of hatred and jealousy as part of a master race by the Dark God Brhamoren. Humans and Ogres were both created out of love and necessity by the most caring of all the old Gods, Odgerrin. The Fey and all of Faerie where a product of petty vanity by the beautiful Lamenell, and the mountain giants known as the Jätti were a Matriarchal tribe of warriors created by one so old none know their true origins.

Alongside our usual favorites, completely new characters also grace the pages of my trilogy. The brilliant Tonttu, who manage the finances of the Vanha Rotu, mostly resemble sarcastic Keebler elves with a Napoleon complex. Skritek are the very distant relatives to the Tonttu, but where the Tonttu got the brains, the Skritek got the brawn. Try to imagine furless, reptilian Ewoks in heavy armor with sharks teeth and bad dispositions. They act as the foot soldiers to the Valdosa Skira and supply endless comic relief when they aren’t causing mayhem and destruction. Finally we have the Mazāk Tiem; “The lesser ones” are made up of any supernatural creature that doesn’t possess the appropriate lineage to find itself counted amongst the ranks of the nobility or the warrior clans. While the Valdosa Skira gives these misfits of nature the chance to attain wealth, power, and position through combat, the Vanha Rotu has relegated them to a life of servitude and slavery. Most Mazak Tiem are the product of either cross species breeding or human rape by a supernatural. Until the two societies started recruiting unaffiliated Mazak Tiem, most had no clue of their heritage and often hid out in remote locations where they could avoid civilization. Ever wonder about the snake boy, or the dog faced kid at the circus? Are they Mazak Tiem perhaps?

This is just a taste of the world that I have created. A place where monsters can be heroes and saviors can be villains, where life and death, right and wrong are so intertwined that it’s hard to tell them apart. A place where love can blossom over night and vendettas can last for millennia. This is the world that I love to write about and I sincerely hope you grow to love it as well.


Thank you Rob! Definitely an interesting introduction to the captivating world you’ve created. I know that I’m looking forward to book 2, Revelations Out Of Darkness.

Secrets of Blood & Bone Cover

Giveaway Details:

Robert S. Sadler has been gracious enough to supply an autographed copy of Secrets Of Blood & Bone, book one in The Q Trilogy to giveaway to one of my readers! Contest is open to Everyone.

Ask Robert a question about the book, about writing, or about the paranormal elements he discusses in his guest post! Robert will be popping in to respond to questions and comments.

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Oh Noes!

Alas, I have the coolest dentist on the planet! Apparently dentists take 5 days for the Victoria Day long weekend. Who knew? I should be working somewhere like that. *grin* But he came in first thing this morning because my tooth broke last night and he fixed me up enough to get me through till they're back next week. He's of the old school variety wherein he gives his home number for emergencies. Now I has the frozen face and drinking tea through a straw is an adventure.

Last week, my second Dad passed on, and it's been an emotional week to say the least. Funny, no matter how old you get, or your parents get, you can never really prepare for the loss of a loved one. My Dad passed away 20 years ago this year and I still miss him a lot. So even though it's not Fathers Day, my hats off to dads who are awesome dads! You always hear about dead-beat dads and dads who aren't so great, but I was lucky enough to have two awesome human beings in my life who were wonderful examples and an inspiration to me.

I haven't made it to see Wolverine or Star Trek yet and I'm dying to go. I know, I can hear the collective gasp, lol. And no, I do not live out in the country. I am right here in urban metropolis and I haven't seen the two movies I'm wanting so badly to see. Shameful isn't it? Bad, bad Judi.

I haven't listed my recent book purchases in a long time, I know. Suffice it to say that all the awesome May releases are putting me in the red. Yikes! I have no control over my book addiction. None what-so-ever. Well, maybe a little, because one must buy food right? I have all my book-ish info going on over at my other blog .

Well, I wish you all a Happy Victoria Day long weekend, otherwise known as the May 24 long weekend. Here's a bit of eye-candy for the ladies.

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Guest Blogger, Contest & Reviews

Yet again, it's been awhile since I blogged here. Sorry!

I have author Sharon Ashwood guest blogging over at my blog along with a contest to win a signed copy of her up-coming book Ravenous!

I also have reviews up of Sharon Ashwood's RAVENOUS, A.J. Menden's PHENOMENAL GIRL 5, Patrice Michelle's SCIONS: REVELATION, and Adrian Phoenix's IN THE BLOOD . 


Not much else is new. I'm back to my studying and writing, still reading and buying lots of books, posting reviews, up-dating the blog, watching American Idol  , SuperNatural and a couple other shows.

Books I've received or bought recently include: Kelley Armstrong - Men Of The Otherworld, Parker Blue - Bite Me, Cynthia Eden - Immortal Danger, Melanie Jackson - Divine Fantasy, Helen Scott Taylor - The Magic Knot, J.F. Lewis - ReVamped, Susan Sizemore - Primal Needs, Katie MacAlister - Zen And The Art Of Vampires, Kresley Cole - Kiss Of A Demon King, Michelle Hauf - The Devil To Pay, Linda O. Johnston - Alpha Wolf, Maureen Child - Vanished, Denise Lyon - Dragon's Lair, Jenna MacLaine - Grave Sins, Yasmine Galenorn - Night Huntress, Faith Hunter - Host, Frewin Jones - The Seventh Daughter, Sunny - Mona Lisa Blossoming and Hell On Heels (Anthology) - Julie Kenner, Kathleen O'Reilly & Dee Davis.

Arriving in the mail this week is Jennifer Rardin - One More Bite, Rachel Caine - Lord Of Misrule and Lesley Livingston - Wonderous Stange.

Happy Reading All! :)
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X-Posted from my WordPress/ A Letter...

Dear Blog,

I am writing to explain my shameful negligence these last few weeks. The month of December was, as it is for most, a busy month for me. I had two family birthday’s, Christmas, New Year’s and another family birthday on January 2nd, so, it was a bit hectic to say the least. I’m sure you can understand the lack of posting for this reason. Here’s my cat, Nemo, doing his “nobody can see me under the tree” impression.  The glowing eyes didn’t give him away at all…. really! LOL


I also was, in the mean-time, bitten by the TWILIGHT bug, but I’ll start from the beginning. I had, of course, read all 4 books in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series as they were released. I really enjoyed them and recommended them to family and friends. When I heard that the movie was coming out, I definitely wanted to see it! I am not usually one to go and see movies in the theater and especially not in the first week or two. I’m not a fan of having the back of my seat kicked for two hours, or of listening to teenagers talk/giggle/text/go in and out, etc while the movie is playing. It’s a fair statement to say that I make it to the theater about once a year to see a movie, and it’s always during the week, a couple of weeks after it’s been released. I’m more of a buy the DVD and watch it at home kinda gal.

So, November 21st came and went, and I read several stories online about girls screaming through the whole movie, how packed the theatre was, and several “loved it/hated it” posts. I continued to read these stories for a couple of weeks and considered it a good call on my part to wait to see it. My older sister also wanted to see it, so we decided to go, but the night before we had planned to go, I was telling my best-friend that we were finally going. She offered to go that night with me and even offered to pay… like I was going to say no? I don’t think so! So December 12th, off we went. I think this picture will say what I thought of it better than mere words.


Yes, that’s 8 theater tickets you’re looking at, all mine, as well as the Official Movie Companion and a Twilight Tribute magazine. I have never, and I mean NEVER, been to see a movie this many times! It’s crazy! And I still want to see it again, lol. My sister and I went the next night. She loved it too. We went again the next week and still wanted to go again. My mom couldn’t figure out why we were both so nuts about this film, so now she wanted to go and watch it to see what all the fuss was about. Now I think it’s pertinent to let you all know that I am 30-something years old, my sister is closer to 40 and my mom is 62-ish, lol. We’re in no way close to being impressionable, easily-swayed, teenagers. My mother has never been a fan of vampires, paranormal romance or urban fantasy. Umm… yeah… my mother has been 5 times to see it!!! My sister 3 times, me - 8 times, my best friend 4 times and her 16 year old daughter 5 times. Crazy huh? LOL  My mom asked for the first book, Twilight, the first night she saw it and she read all 4 books in a week. I’ve re-read the series twice since seeing the movie the first time. We’re actually tossing around the idea that there is some kind of subliminal messaging in either the movie or the soundtrack, which I also bought. We all LOVE the soundtrack too! Yup, I’m definitely leaning towards subliminal something alright.

It doesn’t hurt that the lead actor, Robert Pattinson, is hands-down, the best looking man on the planet! (Yes, I know he’s 22, he’s almost 23.  Think Demi & Ashton people, lol, and he has said that he likes older women, so there! I can still dream.) Both in or out of character, he is just stunning. See for yourself…

      Out Of Charactertwilight15-2


In Character

Apparently, if you’re a female with a heartbeat, this twilight58-2 worked! For real! I have no other viable explanation for my complete zombi-fi-cation over this Twilight addiction. I guess I now officially qualify as a Twi-Hard or Fan-Pire, lol. And I am 100% Team Edward, in case that wasn’t clear before. :D

What did I think of the movie? Well, I usually find myself disappointed when I see a movie after reading the book. Not this time! Yes, there are quite a few changes. There are scenes from the book that I would have loved to have seen that weren’t in the movie, and scenes in the movie that weren’t in the book, but they made it work. Obviously, there’s no way to put everything that’s in a 500-something page book into a two hour movie.  I can’t wait to see New Moon in November and Eclipse when it comes out!

I thought that the casting choices they made really worked well. For me, Kristen Stewert as Bella was a good choice. I’m not sure if it was the screen-writer’s scripting or Kristen’s acting, but I found some of her scenes lacking in the dialogue department. I recall the character being much less conversationally challenged in the book. I also missed the witty sarcasm that the character of Bella has in the book. They showed a very small taste of that with the character in the movie, but I did like Kristen as Bella, all-in-all. Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen was spectacular. He not only acted the hell out of that part, he WAS Edward! The emotions that this guy can portray with just a look… WOW! Another favorite was Ashley Green as Alice Cullen. She nailed the part to a T. Love her! Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Cullen/Hale was great. He totally had a couple of Edward Scissorhands moments, but I enjoyed his portrayal. I also liked the rest of the cast and I think it was really a good idea to cast a lot of people who weren’t really well known for other parts/characters. This made it easier to accept them in these character roles.

I am not the “target audience” for either the books or movie, but from what I’m seeing online, apparently there are a lot of other women who don’t fall into that demographic and they are all huge fans of the books and movie. Go and check out the  Twilight MySpace page and read the comments to see some truly shocking comments. Some girls have been 30, 40, 100, 200 & 300 times to see the movie!! See, I’m not that bad. LOL  Yes, I’ve been bitten by the Twilight bug, and my brain has been preoccupied. The several hundred fansites of all the books, movie and characters attest to the fact that there are an awful lot of fans out there. You can find out more about the awesome books at Stephenie Meyer’s Website.

So, in closing, Dear Blog, I have been unfair to you by spending all my time with my new addiction. My apologies to you and my readers. It’s time to give my head a shake and get back in the game. I will endeavor to get back to posting my reviews, interviews and urban fantasy relevant news starting right now. But… if Robert Pattinson were to contact me for a date or for any reason really… I may disappear for awhile again. I’m sure you’ll understand.

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Killah Kitties

Is your cat plotting to kill you? 

Hee hee, at least now I know and can prepare to defend myself from my evil killah kittez! Seriously though, they don't come any cuter than my little fur-babies, see?

  This is Nemo, the love-bug. :)

  Gizmo "The Next Generation" my baby.

That's my two boys. They don't look like they're plotting anything nefarious, or do they? *grins*

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Carving Talent Abounds


Yay, I found the USB plug for my camera! Here be the pumpkins and halloween decorations outside. =)


I just couldn't get a good shot at night. It took me about 5/6 hours to carve these suckers, but I was quite pleased with the results. I got lots of compliments and ooohh-ing and awww-ing from young and old trick-or-treaters, so it was worth the hand cramps! =) What do you all think?

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Halloween Contest

It's been awhile since I posted, so there's a lot of catching up to be done here. First of all, I'm having

To see the prizes and details, go to my blog Sidhe Vicious Reviews 

I also have my list of Supernatural Hotties with pics posted for the ladies, so get your drool bibs out and go have a look. ;-)

I'm going to get my pumpkin pics uploaded as soon as I can find the darn USB cord to plug in, Gahhrr, I'm so organized, I know.

I have a huge list of books I've bought, so I'll do a separate post or this one will be 2 hours long, lol.

My hats off to all the NaNoWriMo competitors this year! I'm not up for the craziness myself this year, but I'll root for you all from the sidelines.

I'm having a wicked headache so I'm sorry for the choppy post. I hope everyone had a safe, fun and happy Halloween!