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Delete, ESC, Delete

 So I wake up yesterday at 7:30am because I checked online the night before, and my laptop was arriving at some point during the day. Yup. I was excited to finally get it back. I had some work to get done, so I kept myself pretty busy while anxiously waiting. The stupid sewing machine gave me nothing but grief the whole time I sewed. Grrrrr. 

2:00pm, my package arrives. I take out my laptop, plug it in, and... nothing! Black screen and nothing's going on under the hood!!! It's not booting up, the hard drive's not spinning, and the power light is flashing. I was in total disbelief. The accompanying paper says that my windows had a couple of corrupt drivers and everything's working fine now. Um... I don't fookin think so! I called the maunfacturer and spent about an hour losing my mind on the phone with them. They're sending a courier, that they are paying for, to pick it up to be taken back to the service center. I'm thinking I'm about to have an anuerysm or something because my blood pressure's through the roof, and they're sending it back to the same place that didn't fix it the first time. Am I wrong in feeling like WTF? 

What are they going to do to compensate me for time lost? Inconvenience? Stress? Seriously, it's a 10 month old laptop that I only really started using as my main computer in Feb. That's only 5 months of regular use. I say again, WTF! And I had to pay to ship it to them the first time!? *shakes head*

I pulled the hard drive again and got everything I'd forgotten to get, like my music and contacts, and I also finally managed to get all my emails as well. The hard drive and explorer work fine when hooked up to my other little laptop, just as it did before I sent it the first time. I am choked beyond description.

So because of all the stress all day from both the sewing, and with the laptop fiasco, I smoked more than usual. My throat was sore, which I attributed to the chain smoking. No big, gargle some hot salt water and it'll be better by tomorrow. I'm eating pizza for dinner when CRACK, my jaw popped out of place in a painful way - so bad that I couldn't even finish chewing the food in my mouth!

So I'm sitting here in pain with a dead laptop, a dying sewing machine, a sore throat, a dislocated, swollen jaw (I have TMD), and my nose starts running. Great. I'm supposed to go to my best friend's bridal shower/bachellorette for pretty much most of Saturday. Could my luck get any worse?

I woke up today feeling like crap. I'm having chills, sweating, so congested I can't breathe, coughing, achey, cranky and mad at the world. I quote Gene Simmons, " I hate everybody!" Had to phone my best friend and tell her I won't be hanging around for the bridal shower or bachelorette, that I'm just going to drop off her gift. 

I'm going to crawl back under my rock now, and hope I feel better soon. Sorry for the exceptionally long whine today, but I had to get it off my chest, you know?



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Jul. 20th, 2008 05:47 pm (UTC)
Crap, Sidhe! Someone is making you work for that computer. It better damned well take dictation and run to t he corner store for a fresh pack of smokes for all of that trouble!
Jul. 20th, 2008 06:09 pm (UTC)
I hear that! I'm thinking a two hour massage and lots of chocolate, lol. Or they could upgrade it with better hardware inside, the feckers! For all this trouble, the damn thing should be upgraded to my own personal A.I. and blast off like a rocket if I want it to.

I'm going to wait and see what happens in "round 2" of the fixing, and if I still have problems, I'm going to flip out for real. I am so pissed about all of it, they're going to have a rampaging, hormonal woman on the war path pretty soon here, lol.
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